Scented Candles

The romance, fragrance, pastoral charm and generous informality of the English garden and Country house, beautifully captured in our NEW hand poured scented candles.

All our candles are made in London from Natural wax with Cotton wicks.

*Please read our candle safety notes and tips at the bottom of the page.

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  • No 1
     White Tea and Wisteria. Soft floral notes of jasmine, lily, wisteria and clean white tea. Graceful herbaceous borders, armfuls of freshly cut flowers, bloom filled buckets and jugs. Summer evenings. All captured in a soft floral scent. Hand poured in England. Cotton lead free wicks, ..
  • No 2
    Fresh Cotton Clean, crisp fresh, with notes of lily, musk and sandalwood. This wonderful candle brings to mind crisp white linens, cliff top walks, canvas sails and freshly laundered bedlinen. A lightly pleasing fragrance. Hand poured in England, Cotton, lead free wicks, Natural wax. 30cl ..
  • No 3
    Velvet Rose and Oud Warm, Elegant and Woody. Notes of dark rose, tuberose, oud, musk and amber. Big blousy old fashioned roses, polished furniture, elegant drawing rooms, sophisticated tuberose, deep, floral, chintz sofas. A luxurious, timeless fragrance perfect for the evening. Hand poured..